Walt Disney’s Secret Weapon

 In Infinite Banking Concept®, Whole Life Insurance

Walt Disney and his brother Roy founded Walt Disney Studios in Los Angeles in 1923. Walt suffered an early setback, and had one of his early cartoon characters, other intellectual property, and animators stolen by a distributor. Walt learned his lesson and had proper legal protection in place when Mickey Mouse, the first cartoon with synchronized sound, debuted in 1928. It was a phenomenal success.

Having achieved success in animation and television programs by the 1950s, Walt’s next dream was to create a clean, family-oriented amusement park where children and parents alike could make memories together, while enjoying attractions they couldn’t have ever imagined in their dreams. Historically, amusement parks at the time were not great places and had rather poor reputations.

Walt’s biggest hurdle was finding money to finance his big idea: Disneyland. Banks would not lend him money, as they thought his idea for an amusement park was absolutely crazy.

Walt mortgaged everything he owned and tapped into the cash value of his dividend paying whole life insurance to finance the creation of Disneyland. The rest is history.

Walt Disney had a secret weapon.

Doris Christopher started The Pampered Chef using $3,000 from the cash value of her life insurance.

Doris Christopher had a secret weapon.

J.C Penny used the cash value of his dividend paying life insurance to help his company survive after the 1929 stock market crash and the ensuing Great Depression.

J.C. Penny had a secret weapon.

Ray Kroc bought out the McDonald’s brothers and used the cash value from two of his dividend paying whole life policies to get McDonald’s off the ground and running. McDonald’s has now served over 99 billion hamburgers globally.

Ray Kroc had a secret weapon.

Jane L. Stanford used life insurance to save one of the most prestigious universities in the world during a period of financial distress. Stanford University is ranked as one of the top universities in the world.

Jane L. Stanford had a secret weapon.

U.S. presidents Harding, Taft, McKinley, Teddy Roosevelt, F.D.R, and J.F. Kennedy, as well as political elites John McCain and Joe Biden, have used this secret weapon to finance political campaigns.

Families like the Rockefeller’s, Carnegie’s and Rothschild’s have built, grown, and protected wealth for generations.

They had a secret weapon.

You too can use the same secret weapon the wealthiest corporations, individuals, and families have used for over 160 years to create your own banking and financial system. It can be your secret weapon.

Yours in purpose and prosperity,

M.C Laubscher

Picture credit of Walt Disney to MSNBC Media.


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