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Epic Real Estate Investing shares the mic with The Cashflow Ninja M.C. Laubscher. Get a glimpse into the world of Valhalla Wealth Financial and learn ways you can reclaim the banking functions in your life, including the “infinite banking concept.”

Develop a plan for building your financial freedom, then begin to grow and manage your wealth across generations. It’s time for some new investment strategies for generating cash flow on top of savings!

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Key Take-Aways From The Interview:

– Cashflow Ninja techniques to build multiple streams of cash flow

– The benefits of finding and learning from a mentor

– How to grow and manage wealth across generations

– Ways to build wealth outside of Wall Street

– The “infinite banking concept” allows one dollar do multiple things

– Reclaim the banking function in your life

– How the Cashflow Ninja expanded his firm to serve clients globally

– The power of leverage and how you can get more of it

– Creative ways to leverage your money to build more wealth

– Investment strategies for generating cash flow on top of savings

– How you can achieve your financial goals no matter your timeline

– How to be a more disciplined investor for better results

– Why speed is power in the information age; how you can adapt

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Live a Life of Passion and Purpose on YOUR Terms,

M.C. Laubscher

M.C. Laubscher is the founder and chief wealth strategist of Valhalla Wealth Financial and host of the popular business, investing and financial podcast, The Cashflow Ninja. (


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